Educational visits to Bulgaria

Guest House „The old cherry tree” – Village of Rajdavista

The guest house is located in the center of the village of Razhdavitsa, 50 meters from the church. It has two double rooms, studio for tree persons, apartment, kitchen and restaurant. Its maximum capacity is 13 people.

The guest house is a family business. 8 years ago, the old family house was renovated whereas at the same time its old times spirit was preserved through keeping the authentic old furniture. In the courtyard and the general guest areas are available plenty tools and utensils used by the local population of more than a hundred years ago.

The house is mainly used by groups of friends or relatives who want to spend their weekends or holidays in a cozy quiet place. Visitors range from different parts of Kyustendil region, but also there are groups from Sofia, Blagoevgrad and Pernik. The biggest challenge in this family type business is to attract customers from neighboring The former YRofM cities, as this would increase attendance and occupancy rate of the house.

In the house the guests can prepare their own meals in the fully equipped kitchen. If preferred, their food can be cooked by the staff of the house. There is a vast choice of meals and the prices are within the normal price levels for this type of accommodation.

The current marketing strategy of the owners of the house is focused on the promotion of the village of Razhdavitsa itself, which in its turn will attract more clients to the guest house.

About the village of Razhdavitsa

The village of Razhdavitsa is located 14 kilometers north from the town of Kyustendil. The beautiful nature attracted numerous settlers here from ancient times to nowadays. The site is surrounded on all sides by hills, while the south side opens access to a rich and fertile land. In the middle of the area run three rivers – Struma, Dragovishtitsa and Shegava. This land is rich in terms of producing fruits, vegetables, and this is the reason where the name came - Razhdavitsa.

The settlement over the current place of village Razhdavitsa happened in the second half of the 16th century and the first half of 17th century. After the uprising in Chiprovtsi in 1668 the village was totally destroyed as a result of the repression and the religious fanaticism against the Bulgarian christian population, called by the oppressors “Giaours”. The church “Uspenie Bogorodichno”, build in 1600, was at this times used as a place to stables the horses by the Turkish army. Later on the village started being settled by people-Christians who fled from the other regions where there were Turkish woes and aggression and could not tolerate the Ottomans behavior.

The settlers in the village were predominantly from different parts of the Western Bulgaria, but most, perhaps half of the population, comes from the town of Kochani, currently located within the boundaries of the Republic of The former YRofM. At that time, there was a pressure on the people from the area of Kochani to change their religious and accept the Muslim one and they run from this oppression. The church in Rajdavitsa is built one meter above the ground, according to the requirements of the Turkish government, which in this way forced the Bulgarians to suffer humiliation and always feel religiously unjustified

In 1936, after an initiative of the priest Nicolas Mechkov, on the place of the old building was raised u[ a new church, larger than the previous one. In the new church is placed the old oltar, which symbolically relates the new and the old churches. The crest on the back side of the church is also taken from the old church and is being preserved till nowadays. It is remarkable that the priest Kire has preserved the old book "Razhdavichki collection" from the 12th century, which was written on old Bulgarian language and on a parchment paper. The first person to read this book was Prof. Bonio Conev. Nowadays, as a hystorical valuable document, this book is kept in the Kyustendil history museum. Other attractions of the village are Rajdavitsa holy spring "St. Ivan Rilski” and his cave near the village Garbino, the church from 13th century, the canyon" Shegava", the waterfall "Skakavitsa", the church "St. Atanas Summer", the remains of the monastery "St. George", the Thracian rock sanctuary fortress "Three Towers" and others.


/При предварителна заявка: 0894071344 /10 people /

Salads / 10 servings /  
Ocharska - 0.400 g.
  /Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, cheese, eggs/
40 lev.
Ordinal - 0.400 g.
  /Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, seasoning, cheese, olives, olive oil /
35 lev.
Delight - 0.400 g.
  /Potatoes, cheese, eggs, pickles, sausage, cheese, mayonnaise, yogurt, spices /
47 lev.
  /Cabbage, carrots, spices /
25 lev.
Winter salads / 10 servings /  
Sauerkraut 20 lev.
Razhdavichka raw pickle
  /Green tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, krastaichki, carrots /
30 lev.
Gurbino winter salad
  /Leek Shechen peppers, eggs, cheese, olives /
30 lev.
Appetizers / 10 servings /  
Stuffed mushrooms - 350 g. 40 lev.
Strumica boats eggs with sauce - 300 g. 28 lev.
Grabinsko wolf appetizer - 3 fabric 45 lev.
Meatless dishes / 10 servings /  
Beans in a pot on razhdavishki 25 lev.
Dried peppers stuffed with beans and rice 37 lev.
Grilled mackerel and potato salad 47 lev.
Steamed hake and mashed potatoes 67 lev.
Grabinski pepper / peppers / stuffed with eggs and cheese 18 lev.
Mackerel tomato sauce 47 lev.
Mackerel in foil 57 lev.
Razhdavichki ribnik 47 lev.
Mackerel with vegetables sach 57 lev.
Gurbino hotchpotch 38 lev.
Gyuvedzheta / 10 servings /  
Trebenitsa / mince and potato / 42 lev.
Cheese and eggs 53 lev.
Sausage and eggs 41 lev.
Main dishes with mince / 10 servings /  
Shegavsko nest with minced meat, potatoes, eggs, cheese 42 lev.
Colorful roll with steamed potatoes and gravy 38 lev.
Stuffed peppers with yogurt sauce recipe razhdavishka with green herbs, minced meat, rice 40 lev.
Main dishes with pork / 10 servings /  
Pork stew kavarma 70 lev.
Pork chops with mushroom-wine sauce 70 lev.
Shishmanov hotchpotch 60 lev.
Pork with onions in a pot 68 lev.
Pitcher kebab kebab Gurbino 59 лв.
Wine kebab in a pot 56 lev.
Main dishes with chicken / 10 servings /  
Chicken steak in a veil with garnish and sauce 60 lev.
Chicken in a pot kavarma 57 lev.
Roast chicken stew with onion 50 lev.
Chicken kavarma buhcha 59 lev.
Grill / 10 servings /  
Rural skewer with vegetables 4.00 lev.
Meatball 0.80 lev.
Kebapche 0.80 lev.
Karnache 1.20 lev.
Sausage 1.50 lev.
Chicken skewer 4.00 lev.
Desserts / 10 servings /  
Cinnamon cake 20 lev.
Croissants in custard 27 lev.
Razhdavichki cake with icing 19 lev.
Sweet oriental pastry delight 24 lev.