Educational visits to Bulgaria

Valena AD

Valena AD was established in 1990. Currently the firm employs 210 people in its production function and 40 people in its sales department. The company operates under the trademark "Pierlucci". Valena AD is working with high quality fabrics from the most reputable manufacturers within the European Union. The company has a system in place to ensure the quality of products and activities and is managed according to the requirements of the European standard for integrated quality management ISO 9001:2008. The marketing and the advertising policy of the company provides the firm with opportunities to respond quickly and appropriately to market changes, to constantly update its models and clothing’s colors according to the latest fashion trends.

The company has a network of over 20 stores in ten of the biggest Bulgarian cities including Sofia, Dobrich, Varna, Stara Zagora, Petrich, Sandanski, Pazardzhik and Kyustendil. In 2011 the company started operating its first store in Romania, city of Buzua. The store network continues to grow.

Since currently there is no production of threads in Bulgaria Valena buys this product from local representatives of foreign companies, mainly large trading firms from Western Europe. A few years ago they were buying raw thread from a factory based in Skopje, The former YRofM. In the near past they also were partners with a company for production of T-shirts based in Kumanovo. There are opportunities for cooperation with The former YRofM companies for supply of yarn and other supplies associated with the preparation of the products of Valletta.